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Social resonsibility

Companies do not forget to return to social development
Social responsibility is an all important embodiment of corporate culture of the Company. We keep in mind to return to the society during business development, and focus on conservation of resources, environmental protection and harmonious development in pursuit of business growth.
As for market responsibility, we focus on growing stronger and bigger to pay back and defend national interest with excellent performance. For years of development, we've been grown substantially, with increasing business scale and profitability, and have made great contribution to national economic development.
As for environmental responsibility, we take initiatives in response of national movement of energy conservation and emission reduction, pursue harmonious development of business and environment, utilize green products and technologies including environmental-friendly project, energy-saving technology etc to contribute to local environmental protection, and integrate environmental responsibility into business operation.
As for social welfare, we persist in social retribution in practical action, actively participate in the program for public good, create ecomonic benefit of business, while making contribution to social progress.


Future planning

❖Grow stronger and bigger, increase our influence in China

❖Become a global creative leader in electric power industry


Going through numerous trials, we never give up delicate pursuit of each aspect; keeping diligent, is originated from our persistent sticking to innovation spirit;

Targeting at delivery of quality products at all times, we go ahead steadily; for years, innovation and preciseness have been deepened as corporate cultural concept, driven our quality service and exquisite workmanship in electric industry to win the market